Thursday, October 20, 2011

I wish i can make myself a better person

Today was my worst day ever. Or maybe it was this semester? I think everything will be okay. Everything will came out just like what I've planned before the semester start. Studying will be fun because finally i have majoring in the course that I've been dreaming off. I'm now officially a senior, so more jobs for me. Especially for my second semester here. And now, I've decided to join again the UKM magazine crew. At first i was confuse. Either it will be a burden for me to actually do more than the job i already have. Then i see all my senior. How they can still be a part of the team even tough their work are a less and more just like mine. Maybe they have more than me because majority of them are final year student. So what the hell. Let's get bust :) #it's a big risk you may ask. 

The problem that i'm having now is all about my study and personal life. I can say that all of us feel that kind of way to right? i mean, study crisis, if you're in a relationship thingy? or maybe with friends?. We just can't run away from problems can't we? I just wish that by only sleeping, all my problems can go away by it self. And it's freaking nonsense i guess. tak salah an berharap. I've tried, and i end up having this freaking headache. I'm now an accounting student, to all my juniors, if you have the tend to major in this subject, really think deep about it. Think more than twice. Maybe million times. -.-" susah dikkk susahhh. I have problems on my study. I always have it. But this time is the worst i ever experience. I guess it's my problem not  to take my study serious actually. ye lahhhhh, mana  tak, tutor malas gila babi nak buat. haaaa. pfft -.-" Mid term is just around the corner, I'm visiting my cousin in Singapore next week, holiday + exam = TAK BELAJAR LAH JAWABNYA. When i;m in my room, the only thing that i can do is sleeping. Even i kept my laundry to dry itself inside my laundry bag. How pathetic -.-" Sikap pemalas ni dah terlebih tebal dari luar biasa. I need to change. I need to be a better person do i can produce good things in life. I've change. I don't really know if the changes is good for me or bad. All i know is , i makes me feeling so lazy. every time i go to class , i feel it's like a responsibility . I want to make studying something fun to explore. When i watch a chinese girl actually studying in the class, i said to myself, why i can;t be like her? just like her? my parents would be proud of me, i would get a better grade for myself, i will never skip all my tutor and every time i go to class i will be prepare. WHY I CAN'T BE THAT PERSON? 

Amazingly, after today's class, i slept from 3p.m until 8p.m. I don't believe it myself. Then now, i eventually finish my first ever tutor that i really want to be prepare for tomorrow class :') #i finish 1 question out of 4. by myself, and not copying others tutor like i always do. I wish i can finish them all today. See, i just need support and inspiration just to make me feel confident about myself, about my study. Friends start to concern about me. :') terharu

apa pun yg jadi,kena tabah. Semua org ada masa susah dia. Tp apa yg Allah janji,stiap kesusahan ada hikmahnya (': - namielatif.

and thank you to the chines girl from my FRS class, you make me realize something important in life. thank you.


hunny bunny said...

akak...nak ask sumthing laaa...teknik jb 2 kann..kan ad bhagian kejuruteraan awam...susah x eak...plesz reply akak....xpon contact blog adik...adik konfius nk pilih bahagian ape

fatinlullaby said...

urm, act sume course susah. Belajar ape je dik yg senang. If betul2 minta je baru amek course tuh. If x minta jgn paksa diri, takut menyesal, tak boleh bawak. :)

InsyaALLAH, kalau kita ikhlas nak menuntut ilmu die, berkat usaha kita akan berbaloi. GOOD LUCK

Tiena Nasir said...

fyi, u need to let go with your problems and focus on your study.
ni x, everytime with the feelings that drive you nuts!
fatin, kau dah dapat ape course yang ko nak, do appreciate it, don't sia-sia kan coz you'll regret it.
degree in accountancy is not the easy to pass. even aku study diploma pon like hell la study akaun ni. you need to put your study first then relationship thingy!

well, i can see u that u can't live without your laptop and also internet basically. you are too busy with all sort of clubs. badan penat, camne nak study, tido lambat.

p/s: sorry la aku bebel ni. kene nasihat supaya kau bole belajar n fokus!you need to spend your time wisely. aku cakap ni jangan kecik aty. aku sayang kau. aku nak tgk ko berjaya! as well as your family that supports you. you need to be a leader so that your siblings can take u as an example or role model.

hunny bunny said...

kay2x...thx a lot akak...hik...