Sunday, October 16, 2011

Najwa Latif and Hujan

I went here for a last minute concert. Not actually last minute because when we arrived, Najwa Latif just sang few song and Hujan haven't performed. Overall, i can say it's okay. I guess maybe it's because the publicity is not good. It was held in Dectar. Yup, the enormous hall and on the day of concert, the hall not even half full. But i guess the environment was still awesome with the screaming and singing. Add up to that, i went with my buddy. Amin's people for sure. Good time, good time :)

p/s: I just think it's fair for me to have feelings for others to. I want you to be happy for me just like i do for you. but why we have this misunderstanding moment ? i guess it's just us and our feelings. Nothing can change that.

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