Friday, September 9, 2011


At some point when you do stuff that you really love, critics are like something positive. Hard works produce awesome final work. And everyday you sleep around 3 and wakes up in the morning feel okay. We have limits, at some point if the work we do is killing us, in the sort of time management, do more than one job, and work rejection is something painful. But yet, if you take it as a positive side, it's something good. If you take it in the other way around? you know what happen next. #for me, i cry.

Trust is need in work, but if the trust and promises is broken. For something good?
and something hurtful happens after that? 
the person at first you trust become someone you suspicious?

you can't just blame at the one side, just ask, and we explain. is not that hard right?
for me, it's really unfair for you to take the decision to just support one side, and suddenly you just broke that trust just because you and your commitment towards the other half. 
pernah dengar tak bermuka-muka. #lebih kurang lah 

Sifat manusia memang begitu. hiduplah dikalangan mereka, kerana merekalah rempah kehidupan yang sebenar.

p/s: i'm just a normal human being, and i judge. just like what you did.

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