Friday, September 9, 2011

i just smile ans shrug :')

She's beautiful. so beautiful when i first saw her, is like i'm watching an angel. 
terdetik dalam hati, Ya Allah, cantiknya ciptaan tuhan.

awk, awak dah dijodohkan dengan seorang hamba Allah yang sangat cantik. 
she's perfect for you :')

there's this feeling  of pain, 
maybe a cut, 
a small cut,
it does bleed,
but still, i cover it up with a tissue,
enough to hold it maybe for a while.
it's okay, love suppose to be hurtful i guess,
or we can call it sacrifice.

it was meant to be that way :')

p/s:hari ni semangat sikit nak amik gamba. seronok tgk bdk baru tunjuk peace bila suruh deyorang senyum .
Enjoy living as a UKM student okay :)

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