Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I'm back in UKM #if you ever care -.-" I'm came here a week early because of my job. It's a job i can say. Being here is something that i looking forward but i kinda miss those eid moments with my family. You know, where all the duit raya flowing in. The awesome feeling of still getting duit raya even tough you're old enough :D. and the most sick of all, i can't actually visit my relative one day before raya. Just don't ask why. -.-" Okay people. this is just a short post from me before i actually start nagging what i will be doing for these new semester . there will be a lot of stuff to do. Involve books, dancing and photography. gtg, duty calls. 

hope you guys having a wonderful Eid
To all degree student, vacation is going to come to the end. Are you ready? 
good luck

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