Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do dreams come true?

i dream a lot about you lately and i think about you quite often. mostly before i go to sleep and sometimes when i'm sitting on my bed doing nothing, then suddenly the soft toy that you gave me sings. suddenly your image stuck in my head, i imagine you smile and laugh with me, sharing those love that you promise to be with me like forever. but one thing i know, it's just a dream. sometimes i do believe that dreams do come true. but when the dreams involve you, i know it;s not true. it's my brain playing with my head, telling that it's possible that one day we will be together. but nahhh, in reality i know it's not going to happen. 

i maybe keep a bit of that dream about you and me in my head. but actually, i miss you too much.
and don't worry, i'm over you a long time ago. :)

i just miss you, and i miss us.
i wish that you're okay now!


yanafia said...

u r talkin bout little b.
how about the big b? dont u miss the one who gave u the big b? :'(

fatinlullaby said...

awwww, i miss you so muchhh too lah akk. of course :')