Friday, August 19, 2011

haven't finish shopping yet

still a lot of stuff that haven't buy yet for raya. mum, i need my new shoes a.s.a.p, it's getting me mad. can we go shopping in KL? please # puppy eyes. and she will like : HOTAK KAU. #orang melako, biasolah kasar2 ni bahaso nyo. one more week left before raya and less than two weeks left before i;m going back to UKM. pfft -.-" and i haven't actually start to pack my cloth and stuff. early preparation is important people. 

p/s: i weight myself yesterday at the shopping complex. i don't actually see my exact body weight, but one thing i know. IT'S BELOW 60! mission accomplish! 
jangan naik lagi lepas raya sudahlah -.-"

owhh, and today i will be at my granny house to bake our first kuih raya. YEAYYYY. mua granny famous pineapple tart. the best tart ever. THE BEST IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD. 


pipi saya mengembang sekarang sebab kecik-kecik memang mcm ni lah. dia kembang kempis kembang kempis. O-.-O

kbye :)

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