Wednesday, July 20, 2011

nak perut diaaaaa

nothing much to say, all my day it's just the same. my schedule with works, being at home and all. owhh, and i just realize that i'm having depression. wait, i know it a long time ago, it's just i don't want to take it seriously you know. so i ask my brother *his a nurse. he said, if i seek any medicine on depression i might dead -.-'. he said because of my kidney problem. tak nak lah sakit lagi. i want to skip that chapter and don't want to ever remember that part of story. but still, i having the syndrome on having that sickness again. addicted nak makan maggi kurang air perencah bnyk. -.-"

p/s: i wish he knew i miss him so much. i want to see you badly. MR D? :'(

i want her stomach. and i wish i can dance like her.

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