Wednesday, July 20, 2011

i'm waiting

i'm waiting for this moment to happen. even thou your not as my soul mate. it's just that i'm feeling sad for myself, with my life. and all i can remember and miss right now is what i was back then when i'm with you, when you were there for me, support and giving advise, even your not beside me, just by texting saying that you always be there for me is good enough. because that time, i was deeply in love with you.and being without you just something that i don't really want to happen. all of sudden, i just want to be the old me, where i just don't even care about the hardness of life. it's just because i have you right in my heart. and i guess i was wrong, because i thought that you'll be there forever, but you're not.

sometimes, giving up was my best choice :')

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