Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sidang Redaksi-34 Langkawi Trip

on the same day after i finished my last paper for the 3rd semester, me and the Sidang Redaksi Crew when for a awesome vacation for 4 days in Langkawi. to tell the truth, my heart was not at the state of excited. i'm more to feel like I've been force to go there. Family problem is one of the reason. i was haunted by work and stuff that i need to finish before i actually can go back home, when i can be at home, and a lot of things in mind that involve people too. 

but hey, I've change my mind after 4 days being there. It was total awesomeness. :) 

meet my roommates 

the best 4 days roommates ever, 
p/s: cerol lah tukang pengacau tegar bilik kitaorang. ye lahh, mentang-mentang bini die tidur dgn ktorng, x senang hati katakan -.-"
who is cerol? or kerol nama sebenar?

alolololo, sweet an :)

#budak paling penakut naik cable car. kan korangg? hahaha.

let say, first day it's sort of working day. one whole day in the freezing cold meeting room. the graphic department present each of our layout. a bit of satisfaction :') but still, a lot of layout need to be done.

views :

this picture covered 3 days of our holiday. like i said earlier in my teaser for Langkawi, i really don't know how to write it n words how i really feel insider about this holiday. it's sort of having holidays with stranger, but the bonding that we had made along these production is really something new for me. it's like the feeling of falling in love with the people that i never really thought to even say hi to. :') they are now my family. one happy family and i wish that these is one of the best memories that i ever craft in my heart. ily guys so much. thanks for being  a part in my life.


i guess those graphic job that makes my head explode it's kinda worth it after all :')

p/s: sikit je lagi fatin. lepas tu dah boleh cuti