Wednesday, June 29, 2011

i'm not faking, but it hurts

i'm okay with truth, no need to lie. i'm ok to get hurt, because being human is normal to get sad a lot of time, my heart will always repair it self after thousand times it gets into pieces. i may sound dumb, but for me, heartache is the reason i'm staying strong for myself.

adik-adik pown dah tau ape tu 'in a relationship' .to tell the truth, i felt pathetic for not being in one. -.-"

the truth:
i miss being in a relationship, i miss being called baby, i miss those good morning and good night wish, i miss those moment we give flying kiss to each other through phone, web cam, i miss holding hands, i miss kissing your forehead, i miss hugging you in front of you friends, saying sweet words to each other, owhh, it's just everything.

maybe it's not my time yet to come to be in one of those serious relationship. i think. life need time, love need time. put those insecure feelings aside for a while. sabar ekh, fatin make the people who really cared about you happy. make them as your priority.

let the people who hurts you one day felt regret for hurting you. 
it's their loss, not you. 

you've tried your best to make them happy :')
let them choose their way to be happy and it's your turn to make you own decision in your chapter of life.

#tak rasa apa2.


.cikfieqa. said...

chill babe.

nnt ada la tuhh :')

fatinlullaby said...

hehe. okay je :')

Anonymous said...

easy sayang,
dun try to hard
the perfect moment will come when you least expect it (:

fatinlullaby said...

:') akk, it's hard to actually understand my own feelings. i'm lost