Wednesday, June 1, 2011

good luck hakim

last week i told you that i was in Malacca sending my little brother to UTEM. his taking Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. awww, his going to be an engineer one day. insyaALLAH :')

UTEM is nice. the building and all. they look new. better than UKM for sure. 

after the registration session ends, we send him back to his college where he will be staying for a lot of years. and i can say here, that i was so jealous of him at first. he was placed in a apartment. beautiful apartment outside UTEM. The building is so beautiful and it cheats me -.-" dalam memang buruk lah annnnn. hahaha. 4 bedrooms, 2 toilets, a kitchen, a hall. normal cute apartment. two person per room, and it's barely furnish. 

but adik, kalau buruk mana pown tempat study kau, yang penting kau tuh. belajar, kalau ddk pondok pown boleh je pandai. tempat kau belajar dah sempurna dah. semua ada, bus ada, katil sume lengkap. tinggal belajar je. AND THE BEST PART, UNTUNG LAHHHH KAU NAK BAWAK MOTO. pfft. mom, please buy me a car, please. *angan-angan ditiup angin. 

the sad part always happen :')

please, please, please don't ever waste this opportunity, study hard. your not in school anymore. show to us that you can do this. achieve your own success. prove to both of our parents that we are not only a "gold digger" -___-" but actually a investment for the future :)

good luck little bro :)


Anonymous said...

and yes, ukm's better ;D

fatinlullaby said...

hehehe. wayyy better :)