Tuesday, May 31, 2011

move along

sape cakap kalau kau nak bahagia kau x boleh sorang-sorang?

the most important about stay alive is be alive. people keep dragging how awful life is. me too -.-". life is hard, but why is the hell people stay in that black hole of awful life but the reality you don't need actually to felt sorrow for others happiness.this is me. i'm the one who locked myself and tortured myself so that i want people to felt sorry for me. stupid ain't i? 

tapi tu dulu lah, masa muda-mudi yang tak terkawal lagi. *skarang pongg. but still, when we get older, we get matures, me meet a lot of people around us, people who treat us right and not. in friendship not just love, we make a lot of mistakes. mistakes that one day we wish we never did or mistake that we wish to redo it again so that it will never called mistake.

i give up on you a lot of time, and now it's coming back. your image just haunt me. sometimes i wish that the ghost of you inside me just stays there. i'm a loner, hate to admit the truth that i'm stuck with your ghost when others come, i am the one becoming ghost of myself. letting things go just that easily, things that might me my everlasting happiness. susah bila dah sayang, susah nak lupe. kalau kene penyakit pelupa baru berkesan.

i never make decision wisely. buat keputusan guna perasaan, tak guna otak, what i had done to myself, i need guide. it's sucks being single and all the decision that we make it's kinda sucks to. i mean, about this love life thing. i hate when i regret doing something that i guess is the wrong thing to do. 

susah, bila dah jadi, kita tak ley redo, delete, copy paste mcm komputer :')

pelan-pelah lah kayuhh, hidup panjang lagi tau :)


Anonymous said...

well single could be suck
but then again
if we cant be happy being single,
what make us think we can be happy with other people, right? ;)

Cik Lily said...

why babe? engt dkt ex ke?.. babe, somehow, i felt guilty to you la.. seriously. xtenang hidup ni..

fatinlullaby said...

@kak hani: yuupppp :) TRUE.

@lily: jgn lah guilty. aoku okay je