Sunday, May 15, 2011

you want me to say this right?

NOTE #01

and yet, it had been one day since we settle it. you did confess to me. the whole *i want to be back with my ex thing. at first my hearts just shattered, i'm not going to lie, i cried. regarding that a guy i'm in love with and i really don't want things to change a bit between us just let me clueless at the same night. last night was not a very good night for me. and i felt awful sleeping in a condition like that. so heal yeah today was awesome. and it felt good and i'm grateful for that :') think positive, life is ain't that hard if you kept those negative thought away as far as you can. but we can't lie to ourself. on our mouth and mind, we said that ' were going to be just fine. but the truth is, our own heart deny it. so here is to you, if you want to know, or if you ever bother to care, i'll be okay, note that because this is what you want me to say right, deep in me, you know how i fell, because i believe you have the same shape of heart just like i does you know me better, so guess for yourself how you've being doing in life. good for you because i'm hoping that you don't felt even a small guilt if life for making mine worst. don't blame yourself, just don't because i'm okay. ' I'LL BE OKAY' 

NOTE #02

thanks for texting me today. i miss you and now i guess you're not mad at me, you even said that you missed me :') i miss you to. thanks for being understanding. we will negotiate between us okay. no worries mate. :)
please know that you are really meant something for me. i don't want even a thing change between us. 

p/s: i might annoyed people with my post lately. i hope you people understand how a person like me stands in this hard world. i really need to write. thanks for those who are reading. :)

good night. write again soon.

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