Sunday, May 15, 2011

sports day #part 2

2nd day was actually less fun than yesterday.we all have fun working under a very hot day. it's freaking hot like i was on the menu for barbecue that day. pfft. but it's worth it. we got paid. kachingg kachingg $ :)

shasha was not there with us today. so it's like less fun than yesterday actually

 dear shasha, good luck for the surgery :')

like i said, one way to keep yourself positive with life, get away for a while with all those life problem and just have fun. positive thinking is important :)

now, i'm focusing on my dance performance this week, wish us luck. 


teeha said...

i want ur shoes

fatinlullaby said...

heee. beli lah babe. converse dah murah an :)