Sunday, May 15, 2011

sports day

I've decided to join this volunteer program under the Ministry Of Finance sports day :)
and it was awesome!

i thought it will be like a non stop working robot doing this and that. but hell it was fun, i was arranged to be with some of my peeps rearranging for the field event. 100m and 400 m girls, boys and even veteran.  like seriously, imagine old people joining the field event, they look so spirited. and i was like "go pak cik, go mak cik" haha. funny :P 

and wonderful thanks to all the UKP crew for being so 'hardworking'. haha. owh, and kindly, i really want to say thanks to these three friends of mine, yaya, his boyf iqbal, and shasha for being a such wonderful company for the whole day :) thanks for giving me a chance to join this thing and earn some money for myself.  love being with you guys and i really looking forward to work with you again tomorrow!

after a very long and tired day at the stadium, we went to 'pasar malam' to find some wonderful treat for ourself :) then we went straight to the Bangi Lake to have some picnic. well, we can say it's a picnic :)

well, i guess nothing bothers me today. but one thing i can assure, that today, all those laughter and sweat really paid off. i mean, all my worries just fade away. i can say that this week are like very dreadful. every week is. but it's up to me how to handle it actually. so i guess joining this thing really worth it. people, being around with friends and the people you love is one of the best cure for heartache and stressful life. even just for a while, it does help you felt better. so be happy okie dokie :)

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