Monday, May 16, 2011

girls and their attitude

yes, i do have feelings to, my mood swings to. and please forgive me if my attitude just annoys you. being two faces in life is sort of compulsory in every human being in this world. you reacted differently towards different type of people. so i guess i'm not blaming people who treated me badly or had been treated badly. people have their own attitude, so i respect that.

percayalah. saya sayang mereka. kerana mereka bagaikan nyawa saya :)

p/s: note how i acts around my friend. #02 
my friends know me better :)

note #01
i really don't think i'm going to respect you if you treat a girl like there are some sort of toys to you. you know what i mean don't you. being Mr invisible. tossing girls feelings like they some kind of plastic hearts. geesh, i don't really understand you guys not taking these sort of thing seriously. but hey, life to young right? maybe i want to be in your shoe one day. you can take mine if you want. and i want you to fell how is it to be treated like that. brave enough? haha. i don't think so. girls are fragile inside and outside. and they heal easily. so don't be a jerk to break it again and again and again. geeeessshh, guys. we have feeling to. 

note #02
why is the heel i want to be jealous of you. lately, I've been observing few of my friends getting in and out of relationship. pfft. there some kind of feelings trigger in me. getting the insecure feelings again. 

note #03
 Mr 'i guess I've explain to you everything', you really need to settle down yourself, i'm giving you time to figure it out yourself okay? suddenly i'm thinking on having second thought. 

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