Wednesday, May 4, 2011

funny moment

today was a fun and funny day at the same time,
i went out for a 'date' with faqih, 
remember i used to write about him,
wait, this is him :)

* kacak an. pengsan. haha

his a very good friend of mine, and his is the kindest guy that i ever met. 
tu pasal i sayang u faqih, sbb you reti treat girls the right way :)

he did some surprise for me,
he drive me to this place,
it's called PICC *Putrajaya International Convention Center

and my view is sort of like this 

romantic right? 
something happen after that.

he kinda lied to me that day,
something came up,
and there's the reason why he bring me here actually,
but let it be the funniest story between us okay faqih?

faqih, you're so cute to be so romantic actually,
i almost cried today,
tapi you tipu i kann, grrr

haha, don't worry, i'm not mad at you at all,
i'm just happy to meet you today.
bak kata you, 3 minggu tak jumpa, rindu,
tak puas berbual dalam phone je :')

i guess it's kind of the sweetest thing that a guy ever do to me,
even it turns out not as you planned, and things just get worst after you tell me the truth about what happened to you today, 
i'm okay. and i'm happy enough to meet you and had dinner with you tonight.
so we went for a wonderful dinner in Alamanda Putrajaya, 
lepas rindu :)

lepas ni diploma belajar rajin-rajin tau.

before going home,
i bought a box of doughnut for myself,
yup, MYSELF. 
and yes again, 6 PIECES OF IT. 

yes, bertambah gemuklah saya. -___-"
but who cares, food for me is like therapy.
i felt like i'm in wonderland in every bite XD

p/s: esok dating lagi lahh. nak tgk never say never by JB :P


sarah mohamad said...

cantik betul picc waktu malam. saya tak pernah pergi lagi dekat situ. hiks

Nur Syazana said...

culik saya. nak jugak pegi tgk JB :(

fatinlullaby said...

@sarah mohamad : sumpah sgt cntikkkkkkk. tapi kat atas tu x ramai sgt oranggg lahh.

@xanna: alalala, balik johor bahru nnty ag best dari tgk justin . haa. balik jb ley tgk jb an? faham x faham x? hahaha :P