Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2nd day with you :)

i can say, today it's kinda the sweetest thing that a guy ever done to me after so many years,
it's been a while i have this tingling feelings inside me,
you know what i mean, it's like more or less the feeling of someone purposing to you,
wait, that's not it, 
i mean, it's been a while that i haven't felt this much happy for myself,
being treated this way,
trust me, the last time i had this kind of feelings are like years ago :')

we went to Alamanda Putrajaya again :P

had our breakfast at Starbucks. 
their hot chocolate was awesome *my first time drinking it actually

then straight for some  lunch at the food court,

the best part was :

and it was awesome! 
i can say, it's the best movie i ever watched in my entire life. 
11/10 stars people. sumpah, wajib tengok kat wayang. you can felt that JB is just there in front of me.
I SANG INSIDE THE CINEMA. yes! loudly. *selamat tak ramai orang.

siapa yang x pernah tgk, pergilah tgk. sumpah rugi sapa yg x tgk ni -____-"

lepas tuh ann, saya dapat something tau, :P
saya dapat ni. heeee

this is what i had been saying earlier,
for girls, you can guess how i felt actually after getting this,
faqih, you're so sweet, * tebus salah semalam actually 

like seriously, you make my day, 
it's something to remembered :') 
terharu tak terkata, 
thanks for being in my life.

insyaALLAH, if it's the right time, trust me, i will tell you when it will come.
thanks for not giving up on me, and always try very hard to make me happy :')

p/s: he really knows how to treat a girl. 


Nur Syazana said...

curang dgn saya. mencik! :(

fatinlullaby said...

xanna: awkkkkk, saya tetap sayang awkkkkk tauuu :P

Tiena Nasir said... seyh dpt bunge and bear! untung la ada org bg

teeha said...

so sweet :)

fatinlullaby said...

tina: halaaa,bunga je babe. nnty layu jugak.

fatinlullaby said...

teeha: kann :')