Friday, April 29, 2011

thanks love :)

thanks for today,
thanks for being my best friend,
thanks for those laughter,
thanks for the hugging,
thanks for being there for me,
thanks for being my listener,
thanks for the pizza treat XD

thanks for the love 

even we only spend time like few hours,
it's precious enough for me,
owh i really wish you can be there for me like you suppose to do saida,
but hey, we've learn something from being apart right?
learn how to be more independent and try to be comfort with our own surrounding,

bak kata kakak kau : biarlah apa orang nak kata, fikir belajar je :')
rindu lak kat dya.
tunggu dia balik jb lak nnty kita pergi puteri harbour tu k sayang :)
aku jnji aku bawak kau g sana .

take care of yourself,
study hard, promise me okay?
i will study hard too. :)

thanks girl friend. always love you. 
p/s: tunggu aku cuti panjang. nanti kita kuar lagi :')


farna♥ said...

beat nyaaa jumpaa. bile nak jumpa dgn saye?? :))

fatinlullaby said...

tunggu awk balik la ye :)

Cik Dya said...

thayanggg. cukeeee cangat pat kua came!

fatinlullaby said...

saya pown :)