Friday, April 29, 2011

playing games with my brain

i'm playing games with my brain,
playing with my own emotion,
i might stuck giving hope to others.
it's not that i take the emotion of 'imy' in a serious way went i actually said it to a guy,
i don't know,
it's just , it's kind a words that i guess it's a 'friendly greet' 

a guy: hey babe, imy so much, how are you, bla bla bla
me: imyt? 

it's kind a friendly - missing - talk
not a serious - i want to be in a relationship with you - talk 

i just don't want to stuck in this innocent feelings,
like seriously, everyone need to move on when the time comes right? 

it's kinda lonely month for me,
i suck myself into a black hole,
this black hole is inside me,
eating me alive,
i kept denying to myself,
i said that i'm okay, i will be okay, i must be okay,
but these mindset of mine it's not going to make myself full recovery of being a sad person,
i mean, i felt myself like pathetic watching other people happiness and i look at myself,
what's wrong with me? 

i sit and stare myself in the mirror.

so i kinda plan to cancel my date with that guy tomorrow,
and hang out with my lovely Saidah Salim :')

insyaALLAH, kita jumpa pagi ni ye sayang . rindu 

p/s: line berukband mcm haram. lagilah guna luar sempadan. mcm siput vavi laju dia. 
owh, and Singapore just rawrrrkkk :)

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