Monday, March 28, 2011

words can't describe everything

there is somethings better left UN explain  :)

need some rest,
it had been a very long day,
trust me,
it's a very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy longggg day -____-"

here i want to show some food that I've been craving for tonight,

YES! CHEESE. yum yummmm

i don't know, dancing all day long just make me felt so hungry,
i kinda eat a lot lately -____-"
maybe by eating bring satisfaction in life for me. XD

i'm tired now,
about life and all,
complicated i can say,
i miss home,
i miss my grand ma and moms cooking,
i miss my friends,
i miss having a wonderful time about life,
nothing to worried about and all,
haha, it's impossible.

exam is few weeks from now,
i'm scared,
really :(

how i wish i can start this all over again,
how i wish that life has a reset button :')


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