Sunday, March 27, 2011


it's a very long day for me today,
two weeks in a row, i have my dance practice every night,
2 event is coming,
one is call ICAF, *dance competition,
and another is kind of my exam for my curriculum,
non stop practice i can say.
kawan-kawan la penenang hati dikala resah dan letih :)

yat, laily 
*not in the picture (akhmal syafiqah

final is getting nearer, 
i'm catching thing up with all this life issue,
study, dancing, life and all,
i meet people, a lot of people, 
different attitude, 
that i just can't guess what they really want in life,
we never felt enough about our self,
because we always want to get what we really want in life,
achieve the best in life,
success in life,
and at the same time, getting hurt with something in life is karma about life,
i don't know actually what i want in life,
pathetic to say, i felt lonely,
my family are far away, *JB kot
friend and all are just like birds,
come and go, *mark that they have their own life to take care of too
i don't know, i don't know what i'm nagging about,
but one thing i know , i'm blur about life. my own life

i can't rewind back yesterday,
as fast forward for tomorrow,
pause what's happening now,
and delete what we don't want in things that we had done,
all we can do is, create things, change dreams to reality,
have a strong heart and be a very strong girl deep inside.

tabah, kalau kau tak tabah dalam hidup, tak guna kau bernafas,
sabar, kalau kau tak reti sabar, jangan nak meroyan tak tentu pasal,

life is wonderful if we make it wonderful.
i felt deep inside me drowning in tears,
but the outside, i just can't barely hurt myself anymore,
so i smile

p/s: muka busuk baru habis menari tak mandi. :P

NOTIS : charger laptop dah rosak. YES! JANGAN HARAP SANGAT LA MAMA NAK BELI LAPPY BARU. *usha MACBOOK. ( harapan la sangat nak dapat -___-" )
so i guess, i will less updating my blog. :'( 
hari tu printer rosak, dah okay, ni charger lak buat hal, haishhh -___-"
considering to deactivate my facebook to focus on my study *it's the best i guess.
things are under control right now,
i need time for myself, going to treat myself for a movie, and a new beanie.
* mama, i need a new laptop charger pleaseee. grrr

night everyone. :)

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