Tuesday, March 29, 2011

holding on

it's 3.50 a.m and i just can't shut my eyes,
i don't know,
i can't think straight,
i felt a sudden loneliness,
i always fight for about this feelings,
but tonight i want to sway my night with this emotion,
hurt, complicated, lost,
i'm not crying,
i just felt lost about myself,
sometime, i'm strong, but i'm just a human being,
normal human being.

people, don't pretend to be nice,
don't pretend to be an angel,
if you tend to used me,
you've done a very good job,
and please stop doing this to people,
because you make people look up to you by hurting others.
you hurt me.

i wish i have someone to hold on to :'(
*pms la kowt. -____-"

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