Monday, March 7, 2011

things happen for a reason

you post some video on you facebook wall,
then your friend told me,
you're trying to say something,
and guess what, i download it from you tube :')
yes, i cry. i'm weak when come to hearing sad song especially it was from you * i guess it's for me
i don't why, but i just kept refreshing you wall again and again.
and when i saw your chat box is on, i was like so happy and at the same time i am so depress.

i'm moving on, i want you to know that,
it's not that easy you know,

Take all the time you need to heal emotionally. Moving on doesn’t take a day; it takes lots of little steps to be able to break free of your broken self :)

 you may be think that i'm dragging my self over this,
i guess so,
so please give me time and space for this will you?
and i know, this is what you want, you want me to let you go,
and i will. i am :')

there are still a lot of things need to be discover,
a lot of chapter in life that still need to be draft :)
so why we need to regret for what had happen in the past? 
that eventually we will make a new things and meet a lot of people in present and future,
life is full of regret,
and life also full of chances and love.
keep dreaming, keep hoping,
nothing last forever :')

a lot of song just make those old memories flash back in my mind again and again :')

it's just a song, and there are tones of song can remind me of how hard life for me,
and how easy for me to stand up and just keep walking even there are scars all over me.


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