Monday, March 7, 2011

love and passion

photography, eat, sleep, photography, dancing, studying, make new friends, surfing the web, etc
gosh, i can make this a very very long list :)

click the picture, and spot if you are in there.
this is my wall of memories,
i paste some picture that i guess when i look at it,
i felt much better,
the feeling of comfort are there.

sakit mana pun apa yang telah jadi,
aku tetap sayang kau,
sebab kawan tu pelengkap hidup,
tanpa hilai tawa mereka, tanpa semangat mereka, 
kita tak akan kemana.
percayalah, kawan adalah penting!
love them, just like you love your own life :')

what about love and passion?

do you have any problem in life,
start doing what you love to do,
wasting your time crying over things that will make your condition worst is not worth it,
so start your day with things that you love to do,
make yourself busy,
don't bug around with your head with things that can make you cry,
crave a smile,
even a fake one, 
eventually you will forget the smile on your face is a fake one,
mingle around with people,
jangan la sombong sangat :)

try to smile for a strangers,
for me, i felt like i make someone day better,
and at the same time, it makes mine to :)

senyum tu satu sedekah, dapat pahala tau x? :)

sakit dalam orang x tau, tapi percaya lah, 
tunjukkan orang yang kita bahagia,
even a smile can make your whole day felt better .

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