Monday, March 7, 2011

love remain the same :')

remember this?
i do.
we sit on that seesaw.
we look at each other :')

i need to let it go slowly you know,
i must,
even it's so hard,
and letting it go is pain,
one month is something to me,
maybe you can't see how much i want this to really everlasting,
but what can i do, what can i say,
i have no strength to fight for us,
i have future to fulfill,
i just hope that we don't waste this friendship that we had for the past few month :')
okay buddy!

i have both feelings in me,
but i guess,
moving on and let things just happen by itself is the only thing i can do,
but how are you,
what is your feelings now?
are day in pain,
or everything is just fine for you? 
sometimes, question  remain unanswered is the best thing to do. let it be. :')

yes , be happy.
owh, here! i want you guys to drop by a friend of mine blog will you :)

i haven't sort of meet him yet,
but i can assure that he is way bigger than me -___-"
thanks for making my day :)
you just make me smile,
p/s: mum call me crazy every time i smile all by myself while texting you ! pfft

i have friends, family and i can make a lot of friends more than you can even imagine,
life is not that hard if we kept our mind positive,
just be happy with the things that left for us in present,
don't judge people for their single mistake,
take things slowly. when i said slowly, make sure it's slowly and carefully,

sometimes, we didn't notice that we are stepping on a torn while having a wonderful stroll in the garden. 

i will be okay :)

dinner performance,
dance competition,
dinner organizer,
study week, preparation for final,
everything with cheers,
everything with sniper,
FINAL EXAMINATION  - will i eventually have the chance to major in accountancy? 

eventually, i need to manage my time for all of this for now,
i can do it.! i must believe in myself :)

currently : love remain the same by gavin rossdale & you're beautiful by james blunt.