Monday, March 7, 2011

what a weekend :)

i have a wonderful weekend being at home :)
thanks mom, dad, grandma for the moment,
adik, fighting with you are the best thing i ever done for this week :') miss you already little guy.
ayah painted his car white already -___-" and i am so scared to drive it.

like seriously, WHITE!  i even felt so scared to drive it. 
my mum stares me like her eyes is like a laser to my eye when i want to take it for a drive,
even a scratch can make her gone wild. trust me -___-"

the best food ever. 
mum's cooking :)


home made spaghetti

nasi beriyani gam ayam from this shop is kinda delicious :)
located near my house for sure :)

then me and my family went to the pasar malam,
goshhh, i haven't be there like few month already,
if only i have anyone to bring me to go to pasar malam in bangi -___-"
 i wish there are.

and grandma, thanks for visiting me at home :')
jaga kesihatan, makan ubat,
nanti akk balik ag akk urut lutut mak ekh,
rindu dahh

nak balik umah ag :'(

but wait!
my parents are visiting me again this week. weeee
i have some medical problem that i need to seek a specialist doctor from KL,
so mum are going to drive here in Bangi this week!

Academic Communication class. 
and it's end as early as 2 p.m
and then, i really need to settle all my assignment and tutorial,
wait, presentation to -___-"
it's going to be a very long week for me. 

have a nice week everyone.

and guys, two of you, thanks for the wonderful dinner,
nnty kalau ader duit lebih aku belanja makan ag k.
turn kau bile lak? XD 

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