Sunday, March 20, 2011

come and go

i never ask for things to be worst,
i want to be okay for us,
no matter what happen,
how hard we fight,
how hard things for both of us,
i never wanted this to be the nightmare,
any of you,
people say i;m to nice.

i admit it,
it is my weakness,
i don't hate people,
i don't have the grudge towards people that hurt me,
the biggest weakness i have on me,
you know what am i saying don't you,
just don't come, and hit me hard, then let me go,
i want to be okay,
i want things to just move smoothly :')

the past will remain there,
and i always know nothing last forever,
not even us,
i want to be a better person,
and if you are my friend,
except me who i am,
and what i want to be.

i want you to be happy,
i want to see every one i love to be happy with whoever and whatever they do and be with :)
okie dokie?


p/s: hidup panjang lagi, banyak benda nak kene belajar, jadi kena tabah ye!

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