Sunday, March 20, 2011


i have a lot of things in my mind,
i want to write it down here,
but i just don't have the strength to type it here,
things are going so fast.

i'm going to have my final in one month,
i have tones of work that i need to settle,
two more presentation, 
one more paperwork,
responsible that i had been given earlier entering any of the club here in UKM,
focus on my dance practice and all,
it may seen a bit,
but trust me,
i can't barely think straight because of this,
i'm tired, and exhausted.

i just want a day, for myself,
that i pampered myself with things i love to do,
shopping, movie, eat and keep eating,
maybe alone, or maybe not. 
i do know,
i just want to do things that don't mess with my head around :')


it was great, both of our performance we're perfectly done,
i guess so,
that is what the senior told us. :)
i will update about it sooner or later!

i makeup myself and some help from senior of mine :)

i will update a bit about the dinner. i promise !
i need to settle some stuff now.
i kinda slowing down on blogging now,
and i'm so sorry about that.
i will write more sooner or later!
don't miss me! HAHAHA :)

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