Thursday, March 17, 2011

but still

i'm just tired getting hurt,
i can bare to waste my tears for guys,
it's not that i don't want to,
i just hate when that bad things happen again,
enough scars on my heart,
i just want to have fun getting along with people,
share some laugh and moments with everyone,
i want to have that limits in friendship with guys,
and unlimited love to share with people,
i just don't get it with myself,
and i just don't know what i want in life,
i'm just not ready for a real relationship "again",
i thought after entering the age of 20, 
having any relationship at this age will be the last relationship that i will ever be in,
but after what had happen,
i just don't fell that i am ready again to give commitment to people,
i want to be nice,
i want to give love,
i want to start caring to people that i wish to love both girls and boys,
but i guess, the love that i want to cherish just between "friends".

i want to be care to,
people just want me to not get sick,
make me laugh,
make me mad,
and when i sulk, they just blame themselves for things they never do,
to be totally and fully in love with each other,
with no rules to care about things that we do for each other,
i want him to promise me that he want to grow older with me,

i use to have that dreams with someone  :')

all people have the feeling of wanting this,
but i guess, not all things that we want we can get it on the spot,
certain things have to wait,
especially when it comes to about hearts and feelings.


orang datang, orang pergi, 
tak mengapa, mama kata ada hikmah,
jangan membenci, tolonglah hargai,
yang datang tak tentu jadi milik kita,
yang pergi biarkan ia pergi,
selagi apa yang ada depan mata, dijaga, di belai, di dodoi,
baik berpada-pada, 
jangan tergadai perasaan,
mama pesan, tabahkan hati, 
hidup panjang lagi.
jodoh kita, rahsia Allah :)

good night everyone, got a lot of things to settle. 
as usual :)

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