Wednesday, March 16, 2011


with short notice,
a sudden plan of hanging out with a friend of mine to Mid Valley today,
around 11.00 a.m, i take the bus to ktm and bought a ticket to Mid Valley,
reach there around 12.30 p.m,
and i wait for my friends for about 2 hours -____-"
but it's okay.

i thought i want to treat myself for a movie,
but i forgot that this week was a school holiday,
just imagine, 
the mall is full with bunch of kids hanging around with their friends and all,
people are like sardine in cans,
just imagine me in the KTM -_____-"

so, as usually, i like to spend my time hanging around in the book store :)

accounting books,
came across this is like walking pass by my future occupation :')

if you're planning to find me in any books store,
just find the movie novel section,
this is where i will spend my time when found any book store,
i can spend hours and hours being here, just give me a book, in few hours i can finish half of the book :)

craving to own this book for myself  :)
*watched the movie yet? it's awesome!

* he called me fat! grrrrr

who cares, i just want to treat myself something while i'm out,
so i guess domino's pizza it is :)
thanks to faqih for being there "late" and accompany me have my lunch with my sick condition

first servings :)

2nd servings :)

then we went for a walk and talk,
heart to heart moment,
friends to friends,
sharing problem and things,
making fun about each other,
faqih brought his DSLR,
we did some photography moment together at the center area between the Gardens and The Mid Valley :)
i have fun, seriously :)

so, it's time to get back home, 
i mean UKM,
i have practice around 8.30 p.m,
we say good bye to each other,

and i just have this bad feelings of going to be sardine again in the KTM,
i take the second KTM back to UKM -____-"
people are like cannibals, that's to over the line! XD
people are like kids, pushing people around, screaming to each other
 "kejap, kejap, bagi orang keluar"
"jangan la tolak-tolak"
i was in the middle of the crowded people and i was like -_____-"
seriously. i might wanna think twice about checking the date before making plans. 

still craving to treat myself for a movie :)
maybe few weeks before my final exam?

p/s: terbatuk-batuk, meleleh hingus. macam x nak sehat je aku ni. :'(


Nazrul Izzat said...

konklusinyer...takk pyahh laa nakk kluaw time2 cuti nihh...
sgt laa stress

fatinlullaby said...