Thursday, February 24, 2011

people around us :) thanks for the love

i would like to say thanks to people who drop by and read my blog,
from the bottom of my heart, i really want to say thank to you guys for dropping by :')
and here, i want to give a special thanks to

sila tekan link di atas XD

laily, ni paling besar aku ley bagi. sbb x nak overload layout aku XD

because of her, my followers are getting higher :)
thanks la babe, happy kowt. bukak blogger sekali naik mendadak :')

tapi x sebanyak kau la an laily :P

p/s: aku promote kau ag ni laily. haishhh. HAHA

from the deepest of my hear, i really want to say thanks,
for following my blog,
and stay strong for me,
for the journey of writing :)
hope we can connect to each other much closer here,
and share anything that we want to share,
just by blogging.


RAJA SHAIRAH. sedap an nama tu. especially the word "raja" :P
follow her blog -----> budak famous XD

aippp, jgn nak gatal-gatal. she's taken.

he hate me when i call him abg =.="
hormat tu. because i call kak shairah "kakak"

menjadi satu fenomena ,
akan kemunculan wanita ini di dalam kehidupan nurulhidayah laily :P

want to know more, click to her blog. 

and this women above, is my lovey dovey sister :')
bila excited gila layankan kepala laily skype dgn famous blogger sorang ni,
aku pown mcm excited semacam -___-"
please come to the dinner please. @.@ *puppy eye

with elvis presley voice, 
thank you everyone, thank you :P
for the love and support.

p/s: lepas ni turn mal lak :)


Cik Lily said...

awww..terharu i ade lg satu blog yg promote kau tw.... senior KAB gk.. kalau xsalah aku la..huhu

fatinlullaby said...

hahahaha. die mintax izin nak gune gmba yang jerit2 tu. x sangka die promote sekali. XD
thanks babe