Thursday, February 24, 2011

the old and new :)

this was me, when i'm in matrix,
the old me, who love to make funny face,
always laugh and do whatever i want to do,
and don't even care about others,
this is me,
who once have a perfect life, and suddenly it came tumbling down so hard, 
and i just can't believe that i can make through this world again :')

this is me now,
a business student,
study in UKM, and just can't wait to finish her study and earn her own money,
besar kan cita-cita saya?
how can i survive in this harsh world?
I've face a lot of things in life,
I've watch people fall down, grow up, stand up,
you know how's the growing part need in life,
those emotion tumbling around,
getting in love, and fall out from it,
believe in karma people :')
it's just life is not good enough for anyone,
so here, i just want to say,
don't give up,
don't try to give up,
because you will make a big mistake in life if you just let life go so easily,
and if you don't give up,
who knows,
one day,
you might be the most richest person on earth -___-" 
hey, who knew, history can change,
okayyy, to over "see the future kinda thing"
richest person in the family maybe ? :)
so don't give up okay love.

what i am become today is because what did from my past :)

and everything will be okay!

current things to do :
  1. preparation for OB, statistic, and marketing mid semester examination.
  2. 25th February : OB, KTAMS, 8p.m 
  3. 1th March : statistics , KTAMS,
  4. 1th March : Marketing, KTAMS, 2.30 p.m
  5. 27th March : Photography class and mega sniper meeting
  6. every night from Monday till Thursday : dance practice and cheer practice
  7. H.E presentation on 22th March
and the list will be piling up more and more each day by day.
* not include small things like tutorials, study stuff, small meeting and all -___-"

bak kata kak fatin razali, 
budak ni busy kalah NC =.="

till then love, 
have a busy life because being busy makes up stop thinking about problems that can drag ourself into a miserable life. TRUE :)



:: N.O N.I.C.K.N.A.M.E :: said...

sibuk nau...same to me. :)

fatinlullaby said...

heee :) good luck with the work

zalizalu said...

wauuuuu... masa kat matrik hidup lebih sempoi..


fatinlullaby said...

yuppp. sgt