Wednesday, February 23, 2011

it's over

i thought already, 
it will happen like this,
those happy feelings,
nahhh, it wont last any longer,
at least i can share some laugh with you for a while,
who new , in few minutes or maybe days from now,
suddenly, we both become a complete stranger.

take care, have a wonderful like okie dokie :)



Anonymous said...

karma itu pasti!!! dont worry baby...

mungkin ni membantu kamu... jom kita amalkan baca ayat pengasih... depada alquran. jenguk kat blog fda ye... jom2 komen

fatinlullaby said...

thanks :)

DaK CoMoT said...

yaaa i will slap "it" ahaha

fatinlullaby said...

HAHAH. slap people slap