Thursday, January 27, 2011


it's been like 1 week since we've been together,
and every night we sleep so late,
around 3,
we never get bored right sayang? :')

i guess, some things that we can hide from a smile and laugh, 
people won't notice,
we have no power to guess others emotion,
but one thing i want to do,
to love my self,
to love my family and friends,
and always wanted to love him,
i guess, for the rest of my life,
maybe we need to try hard,
and be strong,
for what people will say about us,
do to us,
and appreciate who love us the best,
love us without no rules :)
and i knew from the start it will be you.

my family, my friends,
and you kedinggg :)

buah hati saya.

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