Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ayah mintak resume =.="

ayah mintak resume kat olan,
ayah dah bagi green light ke? =.="
haishh, ayah ni, memandai je. :P

i miss him a lot,
i guess ut's true what people said about daughter being close with their daughter,
and yes, me and my father are like best friend,
we have a lot of in common when come to feelings and emotion,
his kinda my best buddy at home,
even if we had this daughter father fight,
at the end,
his the one i look for if i have any problem,
i still remember the last breakups i face through,
it was when i'm in matrix,
i broke up with my ex 1 month before my final exam,
the next day after those worst nightmares,
i called my father and i cry to death, =.="
he was there for me,
giving me support and strength in life,
even he is far away from me,
i felt his warm loving love always there with me,
just like he is beside me,
how big mistake I've made in life,
he always forgive me,

ayah is my superhero,
ayah is my best friend,
ayah is my worst enemy,
his my everything :')
and i always love him.

p/s: nak balik rumahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh =.="

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