Saturday, December 25, 2010

take your time.happiness is always there

it's 1.32 and i'm ready to snuggle with big teddy, small teddy, little pinky now :)
fever now is gone, just left this awful sore throat =.="
i felt this tasteful feeling deep in my throat,
and every time i eat, the food taste sour. 
and my food eventually taste suck.
but Alhamdulillah, i'm feeling so much better :')

oh dear,
i wish you knew how much i want things to change for us badly,
the old you,
the sweet of you just coming back to me,
i wish i knew how i can told you that.
if you knew and care how i fell,
there will be tears all over you :')

 i can't believe, 
i'm getting use to this new life without you,
getting the hang of it,
try to get along with the people i never thought i can go for a MCD together,
even your own best friend.
the moving on slowly speech it's actually working :')

being alone on weekends is not that bad,
at least i have the time for myself longer =.="
need to do some serious shopping and list to do,
till then have to get some sleep,
going to have some time with kak sha and the "guy" =.="
haishh, x paham aku.

toddles :)

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