Friday, December 24, 2010

happy birthday to you :)

before anything happen,
here i want to say something,
this post is just a birthday wish for the person that i use to be in love with :')
nothing happen between us in present,
and this post was made for him just as a birthday wish.
those picture that you saw is from my older blog,
hope there are no heart feelings between us.
okie dokie? 


i use to have a dream to sing for you on your birthday,
I've learn how to play guitar for you,
remember the "i'm yours" song that i was dragging you to learn,
actually i wanted you to learn how to play the notes so that we can play together :')

hey, please be proud of me,
now i know how to play guitar ok. heee.
but not as professional as you la for sure =.=" 
you and your electric guitar. HAHA. 
but it's ok, the advantage is, i can play for others now. hee :)

here, a piece your old birthday cake.
p/s: ignore the writing. its an old picture.

sorry because theres are no birthday present for you this year,
remember your last birthday celebration with me? 
i still can remember every part of it,
my hand was colored by those food coloring just by making your cup cakes.
but it was worth it right :')

on that day to, i get my first birthday present from you.
mr barney :')

barney said :
 hey man, happy birthday bro.
have a wonderful life okeyyyy :)
HAHA. lol 


so here's a pray for you on your lovely birthday :)
in two version.

selamat hari jadi,
semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki,
dicucuri rahmat,
kejayaan dalam apa jua dilakukan,
owh, dan semangat untuk meneruskan pelajaran di unikl :)
you can do it. chaiyokkkk. 
diberikan kebahagiaan disamping keluarga, sahabat, dan juga buah hati yang tercinta :)
stay strong each other,
dipanjangkan jodoh,
serta berkekalan sehingga ke anak, cucu, cicit.
looking forward for you to be a great son in law, husband, father, grand father, great grand father, great great grandfather, great great great grandfather, and another great great........,
 goshh, who knows when it's going to end. HAHA :)
akan sentiasa mendoakan kebahagiaan, kejayaan , and ketenangan hidup you dengan orang dekat sekeliling you :)

just keep the young faith within you. :)

have a wonderful and blast birthday and older age.

Tc :')

x der idea nak lukis apa,
so flower it is. :D

your past.
little kitty :')


Cik Miera Aziz said...

so sweet baby! :)
it's nice. btw, he's your ex bf?

Nur Syazana said...

this is kinda crazeyyy fatin oi. haha. but well, it's just a blog anyway. nice one, though :)

fatinlullaby said...

kak miera :
my last serious ex bf,
and now his happy with someone else,
and i'm happy for him :)

fatinlullaby said...

zana: berani mati wooo nak buat post ni =.="
HAHA, every sentence that i wrote i make sure its doesn't hurt anyone. i wish :)
its his birthday today, he wish mine, why not i wish him back :')
yup, just a blog. and thanks zana for the support :)

saadah ismail said...

=') kagum sayang...brave..

fatinlullaby said...

kak saadah! I MISS YOUUUUUU. :')

thanks. the past, will be remain past,
we our own future need to move on :)