Saturday, December 25, 2010


it's Saturday, and i haven' have my dinner for today, and lunch to :'(
hungry for the moment,
but i'm cooking maggi right away after i write this post :)

it has been a very dreadful weekends for me,
regarding that now all the UKM student it's getting richer ( because of the ptptn ),
all of the new rich people start to spend their money to but things that they had planned to buy and all,
like me, lets play safe first ,
not thinking to drag myself in this shopaholic moment for a while =.="
i need to short down my shopping list now,
why i need to spend more on myself regardless my expenditure in UKM still never enough.

leather jacket?

make it synthetic jacket and reasonable prize :)
or should not buy it? =.="
seems that i've been craving for this leather jacket since forever. so i guess leather jacket is out from the list,
until i find the right time or moment to crave for it back :)

converse sneakers?
or flats?

i really, badly need a new foot wear,
my foot felt like a plastic wearing crocs for too long =.="
about the flat, i'm buying it for sure,
but the converse sneakers i'm still thinking about it. ehmmmmmm. *sigh

MP3? no need now,
I've already own one :)

cehhh, muka bangga =.="

new clothing :)
just need few what so i can call "class clothing"

so there it is, my shortlisted shopping list :)
not that much i guess .

today i have breakfast and poorly dinner =.="

cehhh, muka happy gila.
p/s: sebab lapar =.="

i just wish i have this for dinner,

don't lie to me,
i know,
immediately when you saw this picture,
your stomach will be like. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.HAHA :D.
don't lie people, don't lie.  

lupe nak wish,


i wish Malaysia have this winter weather,
snow baby snow :)

things are getting better in life,
but still, the situation between us is blurry,
when i look at you, 
i just don't felt like i want to be with you that bad anymore,
but when you are far away from me, like now,
i miss you :'(

i just meet you few seconds ago,
deep inside me screaming,
i wish you knew how i miss you so much :'(

but no worries,
i'm ok :')
because i never want to give up on my own happiness.
i never want to stop myself from believing that my happiness is not just being with you,
i just don;t want to waste another tears for you,
but i always pray, deep inside me,

if only you can stay, if only you can read my mind, if only you knew how i fell for you
how much i wanted for us to be like before,
but deep inside me i say " it's ok fatin, nothing last forever " :')

even us :')

toddles :)

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