Friday, December 31, 2010

my last day in 2010

so i start to write this post around 8.01 p.m ,
and for sure going to take few hours to finish this one blog,
consider this will be the last blog that i ever write in 2010 :')
along the journey or writing this blog,
i will tell you a lot of things,
"a lot" i mean  A LOT of things to share before 2010 over,
and come the new year of 2011,
so sit tight, and enjoy reading,
for this will be the longest blog that i ever write.
maybe, who know? :)

i let my music players shuffle the song while i wrote this blog,
left alone in my room. roommate x der, balik :')
on my bed,
just wash my hair and have my first dinner. p/s: there will be second :D

wow, it's already the last day of 2010 huh?
felt so fast,
it felt like just a blink of and eye,
all those 365 days went out so easily :')

things happen,
i almost kill myself this year,
i mean, 
a lot things happen,
and i just don't know where to start,
let make a list for the pro and cons on what had happen to me this year :)

wait, before that, i want to story what had happen to me today,
i mean it's meaningful because it will be the last day of 2010,
and i wish i can remember this day :)


i received a text from a friend,
asking me to bring his pen drive to class today. 
this is because of our Malaysian team won the game the day before 
so at first i was planning to skip the class,
but i felt " what the hack, it's only 2 hours class :)
so i went to the Macroeconomic class this morning.
the class last for more or less one hour and a half,
so after the class i went back to my room,
on the way back, 
my head kept thinking,
what will i do for today,
people are going back home to be around with family and friends for new year,
but me?
p/s: macam nak nangis pown ada :'(
so i decided to went for a movie treat for myself,
yup, alone. me , just myself.

so i watch gulliver's travel,

sumpah kelakar weyyyyy. :D
and you will never felt regret watching it,
it's a must watch movie for this year :)
p/s: i watch it alone. 

i kinda like the word "watch alone"
because it was my first experience treating myself for a movie in KL :)
and i swear i'm going to do this often.
it's not that bad you know,
try it.
it's kinda fun.

i learn a lot of new independent stuff :)
fatin dah ley berdikari :')
taking KTM by my own people.

p/s: abg, ni coach wanita la =.="

the nearest and easiest place to go.
but the stuff are totally kinda expensive.
even when it's on sale =.="

bumblebee <3

hey, it's a bunch of girlfriend spending some time together :')
i wish i have this kinda moment.
universities life kinda hard for me now.

my breakfast, my lunch.
i hold this empty stomach for more about 12 hours and i ate pretzels just to stand my hungry stomach before i have pop corn and dinner =.="
i haven't ate this for ages. and it still taste good. PARMESAN CHEESE RULE :)

leather jacket :) woot woot. 

that's all i did for my last day of 2010.
i spend plenty of this last day by myself,
people think it's awkward going out alone and spend the holiday by yourself,
but for me,
this is the best way to pamper yourself more,
and not getting hurt just to wanting attention from others =.="

along today walk,
i saw a lot of things that flash back a lot of memories in my head,

  1. the place i use to date with the person i use and "still" love :')
  2. the shop that he bought me the pink teddy by surprise :')
  3. the first place that he ever bring me to date. awwww.
  4. first movie i watch with him :')
goshh, if i kept writing this way, i might cried to sleep.

i saw a lot of people,
family ,
sharing some laugh, happiness, and moment together,
for me,
it's a wonderful scenery to see and to cherish at :')
i almost felt glad that i can watch all this and try to think,
life is beautiful in it's own way,
life have their own perspective in life,
we, as human, control them,
and always wanted to make things unforgettable in many ways :')

"don't because you step over  a tiny rock, you lost sight of the only rainbow in your life"
(fatin, 2010)

i have fun :') 

owh yeah, and this is the new converse sneakers I've been craving for,
but i bought it in blue color.

soft blue to be exact,
and cotton on flats, no picture were taken at this moment :)

SO I'M DONE FOR THE DAY. phewwww :)

so, as a lot of blogger do for today,
wish list for 2011.
but in the mean time,
i wish to talk a bit about 2010,
both good and bad things that had happen to me :)
shall we start?



second semester, bisnes admistration.
insyaALLAH, majoring in accountancy :)

meet a lot of new people, make new friends, make new love, make new memories, and a new chapter in my life :')

they kinda the vain of me in UKM :')

i keep the bond between me and my best friend. FOREVER BEST FRIEND.
and friend. NEW ONE

you know who you are,
from a stranger we become close friend, very close.
and now, in my heart, theres always a place for you.

"friend are like the rainbow after the rain, blood in the vain, and air that we breath"
(fatin, 2010)

i meet new love in my life :')

a lot of new love, and i come and go very easily,
maybe it's not my luck this year,
but i;m glad that i meet you guys and share some moment with you.

my first trip with you :') 
the best.

to all the guy that i meet this year,
you are some part of me,
thanks for making my year a meaningful for me.

officially , i'm being a serious photographer

thanks for aminian's sniper for fulfilling my dreams :)
owh and, syed, DSLR kau bnyk berjasa kat aku . TQ BRO :')

goshhh, if i have a good strength of memories,
theres a million things i want to say and be thankful for this year :')
but for now, let the best thing be cherish for myself,
let it be covered with no regret and with full of happiness :)

the part that hurts?

this will be interesting don't you think?
goshhhh, pain huh? 
who's been reading my blog often?
majority of my blog are all about heartache and bla bla bla =.="
i guess life will never be always on top right,
there will be the part we fall down so hard,
and we barely hold ourself,
i always wrote in my blog,
about being strong after what had happen,
i teach myself to be strong,
to except truth,
to always have faith in myself,
every time i post a blog, 
there always a section for my heart to heart part with life :')
so i guess keeping myself move forward and except the truth in life is always the most painful thing that happen to me.

just the right word

so here is my wish list for 2011 :)

  1. i want to change to be a better person. much better person
  2. score for dean list. 
  3. majoring in accountancy
  4. make new friends, a lot of friends. less enemy =.="
  5. to change perception of people about me
  6. hurt myself less
  7. ibu, nak kereta? boleh? =.="
  8. ayah, nak dslr boleh ? =.="
  9. keep my blog updated as often as i can :)
  10. 200 followers in target. BANG BANG. heee
  11. get thinner. YES, THINNER =.="
  12. learn how to play guitar. PLUCKING :)
  13. more photographer event pleaseeeeeee 
  15. love life you ask? for this part, let it slow down for next year okie dokie :')

for now, let the time slow down a bit,
let me focus on my purpose on living,
to make my parents proud of me,
let the time decide how it's going to be,
either 2011 will be any worst,
or better,
hope it will be just nice for me :')
i'm just tired of getting my self into trouble,
a lot of trouble,
i felt like i'm killing myself,
so for now,
i'm going to love myself,
my friend,
and my life,
before i put the priority to share it with someone,
insyaALLAH, i can make through this.
again :')

i always love the person who was there for me before,
not a single hatred for them,
because i do forgive, but i never forget.
that is just who i am.

let the 2010 chapter remain in 2010,
start a new book,
start a new life,
plain white one,
and in 2011,
start creating a new panorama for ourself,
and make it better,
insyaALLAH :)


my location : in my room at ukm
with who: alone =.="
my feelings : heartless and happy :')


with love, nurfatin nadiah bte norfadzlon

click for a bigger view of me getting craaaazzaaayyyy on new year celebration :')
ily soft toys.

the owner of :)


Nur Syazana said...

babe, wishlist of 2010? hello, past time goodbye future, heh? hehe

fatinlullaby said...

hadoyyyy. ni typing error la. blog panjang sgt =.="
thanks xanna :)
happy new year

Nur Syazana said...

ohh no biggie. hehe. happy new year too girl. May this year bring a lot of happiness to you :)

fatinlullaby said...

aminnnnn, i really hope so :')
thanks xanna. u too.