Thursday, December 30, 2010

in counting

counting till 2010 overs :')
can't wait for a new beginning of the 2011.

tonight, i have my 2nd dance practice for the yearly event at my college,
i was there first, 
i look myself in the mirror,
searching for imperfection, 
finding which part of me that people hate.

nobody's perfect,
in any ways.

2010 was hard on me,
not a lot of sweet memories i share on this year,
i guess a lot of pain and heartache was serve for me this year,
but still,
each year,
those pain and hatred makes me a stronger person,
a stronger girl :')

i fall apart a lot,
tears kept flowing for no reason,
i miss people that don't even miss me as much as i do,
i make mistake and kept making the same mistake over and over again,
and i never tend to be tired of getting myself hurt.

before i end this year,
 i wish to tell the world how i felt about 2010,
that will be the last post i make in this year,
tomorrow i will post that blog,
and i always wish you read it,
if only you read it,
this is the only strenght that i have to told you how much i miss you,
and a lot of things change,
and make me slowly forgetting you,
just like taking out a big part of me,
and throw it away,
but still,
the scar are always there,
forever remain in my heart,
you were apart of me,
always have always be. :')

i wish you knew :')
the things between us,
use to be the best part of my life this year,
and letting it go,
is not easy as you think it is,
i may look that i'm moving on,
i am,
but you don't know how much sacrifice to make you believe that i am happy with my life now.


ayue! said...

it looks like we`re in the same boat,dear.=)

fatinlullaby said...