Saturday, January 1, 2011

my first post for 2011

it's 2011 already.

it's afternoon already,
i wake up around 12 p.m,
the night just flush me away :')

it's Saturday, i'm having breakfast for lunch ,


not planning to go out today,
because i went out yesterday :) p/s: and it was awesome! 
doing some housework for my room,
doing laundry,
plan to finish the tutorial by tonight,
nothing much to do,
new year isn't that bad after all being all alone in one zone,
it's kinda privacy :)

i'm not being the old dragging me,
cry for nothing.
missing people that aren't mine,
doing stupid things like staring at my phone for miracle things to happen,
it's the old 2010 of me :')
hey, i'm getting older,
a senior once said to me,
i'm better of being all alone,
because i look happy,
and hey it's true.

i'm not going to be all alone by myself for the whole day in my life,
nahhh, are you mad? =.="
i'm just going to walk and appreciate with things that i own in present,
hoping for a better future,
what about past you said?
going to be remain past,
who knows maybe one day the past will haunt me again?
but by then,
i always want to prepare myself for all this to happen,
the world are round,
you know the words "what goes around comes back around"

nah, you imagine that you're walking around the world, 
when you start your life in one point,
eventually when you kept walking,
you will meet again where the place you've started :)
so don't worry,
you control the way your life how it's going to be,
not me, not even the earth itself.

till then people :)

and now i'm officially open my blog to whoever people who cares to read about me.
link it in my fb :)

have a wonderful weekends.
 toddles, xoxo :)

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