Friday, December 24, 2010

it's Friday already

actually, this blog I've been drafting since yesterday =.="
consider that i have a lot of work to do. 
a lot, I MEAN A LOT!

my dance practice will start next week,
and there are 3 event to be ready =.=" that means 4 performance in 3 month. 
p/s: YES, BOLEH KURUS. haha

then, our official photography club in ukm going to have this few event for the semester,
and this one i'm really looking forward to be apart of it :)

what had happen on Thursday :')

a new sister :)

she's pretty right?
WARNING: SHE'S TAKEN. note that clearly . haha.

seems like the first judgement of me to her is so wrong,
she's kinda nice and friendly in person,
consider that she was one of "his" best friend to i guess,
i kinda share a lot of my story with her,
she seems to be a good listener,
but the best part of it, 
when the three of us sit in at the same table,
we share more laughter i guess,
but seems for me and him,
nothing change. :')
and i'm not trying myself to get involve in another moment of misery fro sure,
for now, 
let the time decide how it's going to be for us,
and i'm just glad that we don't end up being a complete stranger :)


not a complete stranger :')

and every moments count as the best thing that ever happen in every chapter of my life :')

it's Friday today,
and i have no class today :)
so my weekend starts today.

to tell the truth, i don't felt that lonely,
but i use to spend my weekends with someone,
doing other things for myself this time felt a bit lonely.

i must fight for not a single tears come out for you,
because i promise myself,
i'm going to take this slowly :')

p/s: hey, it's someone birthday tomorrow :')

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