Tuesday, October 12, 2010

virtual pet. in future. REAL ONE :)

diilhamkan oleh kak yana yang tercinta,
beliau mempunyai hedgehog yang virtual dan sebenar. =.=" jeles.

in future after i get my own room in UKM:
i want to own a sugar glider of my own. SERIOUSLY, I WANT ONE :)

hope i can get one next year. 
and say what, i want to call it.
obsess obsess =.="

till then , xoxo


teeha said...

ape tohhh ???at

fatinlullaby said...

guinea pig la. hahaha. tapi i letak pink color. i namakan barney. but still sugar glider my fav :)

fatinlullaby said...
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Ainur Naseeha Roslan said...

syg..mmg comel..ape dye tuh?

fatinlullaby said...

sugar glider :)