Thursday, October 14, 2010

final and love :)

FINAL: 13 days till final people. WOOT, WOOT
26th October, Tuesday : Microeconomics
27th October, Wednesday : Mathematics
29th October, Friday : Aplikasi komputer
1st November, Monday : Management
3rd November, Wednesday : Titas
last paper 
8th November, Monday : Accouting

eheeeem, eheeeem.
20th November : MY BIRTHDAYYYYY :)

for now, exam is my most priority in life,
quite struggling myself to finish study,
but sometimes i waste my time by facebooking and blogging =.="
can't live without this two cyber page. i'm a total cyber maniac. HAHA

love people? HAHA.

budak gemuk,
budak boncit,
budak manja.

ily :)

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