Monday, October 11, 2010

penjelasan kedua

hurtful memories.
yahh, you can say that my dear. it does hurt. that's write it on my blog,
i'm not a pathetic loser who run back to my ex and cry for nothing, 
begging for his love to love me back or wtv. 
at least i have a place to tell my feelings, my heart broken, my emotion to people who really want to read and care.
but whoever that think that i'm hard to accept that the fact i'm being dump and i miss my ex, 
they are totally wrong.
do you know the word obsession and missing? (in this content missing as if, i miss you)
in my case, i miss my ex, the way he act to me when were together. i just miss the love that i use to have.
i guess you just think that i'm obsess with my past life.
dear, your wrong.
i don't ask for people sympathy, and his sympathy either.
all i ever wanted is to tell my feelings in my blog. did i look obsess to you?
if i look obsess, i would always write about HIM. in this case, NO. i just write about him sometimes. :) take note at my previous blog. yes i do look obsess. but now. NO.


read it, it were meant to be write for them, let them now how i feel.
i don't felt sorry for my self, why would you my dear :)
let the world know. and sometimes, when i write them all, i can share to some broken hearted girl out there that have the same feeling as me :)
sharing is caring. i learn a lot of things with people that drop comment in my comment box every time i post a heart broken comment,
it does helpful :)
fyi, dump for me is normal. 
x nak la rasa bongkak, but i have 5 ex boyfriend, and they left me.
yes, they dump me for other girls. maybe the reason is they are way better than me.
quite hard huh on me you think?
but for me, it's karma in life. people do come and go, 
and eventually we will get the right person one day.
and i agree with him :)
so so little girl. even all my ex dump me, i never hate them with what they have done.
maybe i've cone a big mistake in life, but people make misstake
they repeat the same mistake again and again.
so let me learn my mistake by doing a lot of mistake,
and yes, ramai yang patah hati,
dan ramai yang kuat semangat untuk bangun dan hadapi dunia walaupun selepas ditinggalkan dengan orang yang paling dia sayang.
dan saya rasa, salah satu daripada mereka adalah saya :)
and i've done that with the support of my friends, family
and also my beloved blog for being my diary .

your english good la my dear,
just improve more.
do you know by blogging in english does help you to improve your english?
make one. trust me :)
i pown bukan american girl. saya orang melayu. bapak saya jawa, mak melaka. kasar bahasa nya.
the main point is not your typing error, but your wrong statement and judgement.
do you really know me that much?
even my closest friend that i've live with more than 13 years never know me that much,
she always accept me with what i am today, in bad and worst.
i never mad at you for taking to much care on me, 
but the way is wrong little lady,
i accept criticism form anon,
and use it in a good way. THANKS :)
but seems that you just spill your word out on me at the wrong time, at the wrong place.
i don't know you, as well maybe you don't know me that well.
don't be sorry, 
i love to give explanation to anon :)
and thanks for zee comment. 


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