Thursday, October 28, 2010

last night

all i can say that last night makes me something,
somehow i felt lucky that i've meet you and your friends :)
with all the pain that i've gone through few weeks about us,
last night last a redeem for everything,
i just want to pause that night,
and let it stay just the way they are, 
the arcade,
looking at you punch that thingy,
damn your good. HAHA.
and if we get married, don't you dare punch me like that. =.="
the movie was great, funny at the same time,
the action part was superb. 


zee best! 

it came to the end that i can see through what we're going,
you did talk serious one last night,
and i was like " erkkkk " 
you said, make it hard to get,
hard to get what? HAHA =.=" fikir bukan-bukan
hard to get the word ily from him,
play hard,
let it be a game,
the present is the words 'ily'

to tell the truth,
his different from any guys that i meet.
to say that his kinda hard to play along when you get him.
so, you make it a game huh? life game.
so let's play.
it's just a word, and you make it difficult,
it's fine :)

p/s: korang mesti x faham an. haha. :P

i just hope that we worked it out nicely until we old,
until we graduate,
until we get our own job as a accountant . eheem, eheeem. HAHA.
until we get "married"

get old together

sitting together and fresh back out moment form the past :,)
awww, get older together sounds lovely.
and i hope we can make it sayang.

even you are such a jerk ALWAYS,
all i can say is that three words,
yup, that love words you want me to fight for, HAHA.
just so you know,
your one of the best part of me,
and when i look at you,
hold you next to me,
everything felt different,
you make me laugh,
you make me cry,
you annoy me,
sometimes i just want to run away from you,
and when i turn back, 
there you are,
waiting for me to run back to you.

syamir zulkefli,

i always LOVE you,
like you said,
even i don't say that word,
you know that i'm missing you like crazy. HAHA

oh before that, look at this guy :)
sayang, you bela rambut you panjang-panjang mcm nik irfan ni tau . hehe

to my beloved, brain, tummy,pillow and heart.
this is for you. and please stand strong, 
help me to walk through this journey of life okie dokie :)

till then , xoxo

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