Wednesday, October 27, 2010

she's awesome

i knew this girl since she was in primary school.
or i can say form 4.
known her as a girl that is so friendly and funny,
and get along quite well in people at our school that time,
p/s: not for me =.="

she's not from my class,
she's in a class that majority of them is guy,
yes, if our a Technic student from around the world,
she's from Sekolah Menengah Teknik Johor Bahru,
who is she?
later i tell you.

i knew her just by the name,
a wonderful girl that is so in love with the people around her,
creeps to say,
i'm kinda stalk her life since the day we meet,
i mean, stalk through facebook and blogger all the time.
ok , most of the time when i'm online,
she just have this wonderful picture of her and her friends,
how she express her feeling through blog and the way she takes picture of herself,
every single thing that she wrote on her facebook wall,
just amazed me with how much effort she put just to stay happy,
with a lot of great friends around her,
that makes her felt not alone,
she hide her pain,
she smile with tears all over her,
she don't even care what the hell people talking about her,
all she matters was " i have my own life, and i rule it:

she has this boyfriend of her that look like robert patterson.
but her boyfriend is whiter i guess :)
one sad chapter of her life is,
they broke up after years of relationship,
i can felt her sad and depress through every word that she wrote in her blog,
in her facebook wall.
for such a long time,
month i guess?
she was in misery,
and one thing that i love most about her,

people start to being sarcastic to her through form spring, through facebook, for sure through blog,
anonymous does't effect her strong will to never give up on her ex.
she's moving on,
but his was the only guy that can make her life better place to be.

and i don't know what happen.
the effort that she put,
to get that better life of her,
she get her bf back :) awwwww.

i guess along the journey of her life,
she gets full of support from friends and family :)
and now, the latest blog i've read about her is :

she's back on her foot
living in a awesome life,
that i felt i want to have that same feelings just life her now.

and what can i do,
not all people can have true happy endings in their life :)

her name is nana :)

sorry for my english,
kinda bad :P
hi, my name is nurfatin nadiah, 
and i adore everything about you,
your a awesome girl,
and i will pray for your happiness :)
may ALLAH bless you nana. 

take care


nanott BOMBASTIC said...

aww fatin, *speechless*
thnks you so much fr the entry. it feel relieved and of course terharu la knowing that at least someone is agree-ing with my decisions. which is semua org cakap saiko en haha. but yeah. ehh serious nii, sy terharu gile la awk. bgn bgn pg td actually with not-so-good mood, patu bace ni, somehow you made my day :) thanks.
tp kn, its nt happy ending lah. bcs time has a way of changing things, mungkin skrg nana kt atas, but at some point, akan ade masa jatuh jugak. haha.

fatinlullaby said...

haha. welcome. mesti rasa creepy an sbb tau fatin stalk life nana. HAHA. i just love to read about you. sbb fatin pown sayang my ex, just my ex x mcm bf nana la. his moving on dah with another girl. even fatin buat ape pwn x kan dapat die balik kot :,)
even dah ada new guy dalam life pown mcm teringat kat die.
but still, life kene move on jugak an.

this is life, ada ups and down,
nana dah penah rasa life kat bawah masa hilang die,
skunk nana kat atas,
insyaALLAH kalau nana berubah menjadi manusia yg berbeza, yang lebih baik, nana akan sentiasa berada di kehidupan yang nana inginkan walaupun x bahagia sepenuhnya.
tiada kehidupan yg sempurna pown dalam dunia ni. :)

pape pown, fatin doakan nana happy k :)
good luck in anything that you do in your life :)

nanott BOMBASTIC said...

ehe tade la, cume tekejut ade rupanya org betol2 baca blog sy ni haa haha.

yeah i guess so. but true, mmg tgh sangat bahagia skrg, kalau bole pause, mmg nana pause ah. but too bad, hidup ni bukan ade remote control pun kan :)

ehh nana doakan fatin happy jugak taww ;) cherish life, as possible as u can. good luck juga! <3