Thursday, October 28, 2010


i was so damn bored today,
owh i wish someone can take me on a drive to a great place,
so i can't be so bored stuck in my messy room =.="
tomorrow is computer application paper.
and DAMN i haven't read a thing,
regarding it;s just a "computer" test,
that i usually addict to one and stare at the screen more than  i sleep everyday. HAHA

so i open the google tool bar and i type.


and you know what came out?

jangan segan-segan. 
larger view, click the picture above.

and this:

rasa famous kejap link blog kuar kat web orang :D

but seriously,
when i start to goggle,
i thought it will came out just a few,
but look at the list. HAHA
quite awkward. 
maybe to certain people it's kinda old news to know,
but me zee bing "JAKUN"
haha =.="

kesiannnnn :P

p/s: try goggle your blog name, and look what happen,
enjoy being awkward. HAHA

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